Franck entered mortality in 1971 in Reims. He studied guitar at the Conservatory of music in Aix-en-Provence. He lives in Paris.

Agronomist diplomated, his apprentiship was mainly built on improvising and by ear, but the stucture of his formation was thanks to visists to Africa, India, Mexico and the Carabian, where he met different cultures and different types of music which helped to complete his studies. In 1999, he took part in a music festival in Montréal called the "FrancoFolies" and also the "Tadoussac" Festival fronted by the band "Clan Destino" whom of which he founded in collaboration with Lundo Chango.

In 2003, he created the association CULTURA MONDIALE in Paris and since devotes all his time to music and producing musical events.

Two projects have been created with the financial support of Sacem France in 2003, where based on mixing contempory and traditional music. First one, VENI VIDI VIXI presents 17 poems from the famous french poet Victor Hugo, all songs played by a quartet and a contempory choreographed dancer or projected on screen video works. The second project OCEANO NOX trio presents musical adaptation of poems from french, italian, chilian and mexican poets from the 20th century.

He created in 2009 A LITTLE ISLAND IN MY MEMORY composed of irish and scottish traditionnal tunes and songs, as well as poems from contemporary irish and scottish poets adapted to music.

He is also part of two shows containing latin america covers and original material ZAFRA y COIMBRE and FULL FLOOd (Folk-rock).

Franck organized three editions of the OBOE festival in Paris, chamber music created around the Oboe. In 2008, he orientates himself towards film music, working as an arranger on the film Traveling light by Tamas Wormser